About the Coalition

A coalition of industry leaders are joining forces to impact the culture of STEM education in K – 12 schools nationwide. Over the next five years, we aim to prepare a generation for the future of work.  

First-of-Its-Kind STEM Initiative

The STEM Careers CoalitionTM addresses the STEM workforce and inspiration gap by bridging industry and classrooms at unprecedented scale.

It is powered by a coalition of corporate leaders and anchored in schools in Discovery Education—a trusted curriculum partner committed to equity in education, serving public, private charter, homeschool, and tribal school students by leveraging the power of digital to close the access gap.

10M Students  | 5000 schools | One Vision

To build the next generation of solution seekers

With a focus on tackling the lack of diversity and unequal access to opportunity in the STEM workforce pipeline, investments from the corporate community are changing the education experience of millions.

Executive Summary (.pdf)

A 5-Pronged Approach

Direct Investment in Schools

Direct Investment in Schools

Meaningful investment in K–12 STEM curricular resources and professional development for under-resourced schools

Career Profiles

Career Profiles

A dynamic destination that helps students connect the dots from classroom to careers

Direct Investment in Schools

Thought Leadership

Multi-sector leadership joining voices together to elevate a national STEM conversation and then put an implementation plan in place

Direct Investment in Schools

Employee Engagement

Mobilize the current STEM workforce at scale to inspire and connect with tomorrow’s employees through engaging classroom experiences

Direct Investment in Schools

Research & Impact

Impact, optimize, and measure STEM engagement and career awareness by harnessing quantitative and qualitative insights

STEM Connect
STEM Connect

STEM Connect is a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary K – 8 resource designed to enhance core curriculum and bring STEM to life in the classroom. Inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering, STEM Connect uses a powerful 4Cs framework to present real-life scenarios that connect students to real-world challenges. With each unit, students are encouraged to innovate and apply solutions to each problem as they build valuable critical-thinking and solution-seeking skills that they can carry forward to their future careers.

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