Employee Classroom Toolkits

Explore how you can help lead the classroom discussion on essential industry skills and knowledge. Use our Employee Guide to help plan your classroom visit and support the next generation of successful STEM workers. 

Teaching in the Classroom 

The STEM Careers CoalitionTM Employee Guide is designed to provide employees with grab-&-go activities to empower tomorrow’s STEM workforce in local middle school classrooms. Use this guide to: 

  • Learn how to prepare for your visit & to ensure your seamless facilitation of a classroom activity 
  • Learn how to give a virtual presentation if the area you are requested to visit is not easily accessible 
  • Learn how to be prepared and organized for the day of your visit 
  • Learn how to effectively engage students in the classroom 
  • Learn how to successfully facilitate an activity 
  • Learn more about interacting with your middle school audience 

Download the Employee Guide for more detailed information on how to prepare for your classroom visit. The Employee Guide was created to help employees bring STEM CAREERS COALITIONTM resources to local middle school classrooms and prepare STEM professionals to work with students in small and large-group settings. 

Employee Classroom Toolkits Coming Soon!

Employee Guide

Employee Guide

Middle School | Grades: 6–8

This guide provides tips and suggestions for employees to engage, explain, discuss, and effectively facilitate STEM activities to help students in grades 6–8 embrace their potential to make an impact and innovate for the future.