Employee-Led Activities

These activities were developed as grab-and-go activities to empower today’s STEM workforce to visit a local elementary, middle, or high school classroom or to work with an after school club, youth group, school career fair, or school/community evening event that has a career focus.

Employee Guide & Introductory Video

Explore these helpful employee resources to prepare for your classroom visit. The Employee Guide highlights ways you can engage, explain, discuss, and effectively facilitate career sharing sessions or STEM activities with K-12 students. The Introductory Video includes an overview of the STEM Careers Coalition, a tour of the website, plus tips and strategies for classroom visits. 

  • Seamlessly facilitate classroom activities 
  • Engage students in the classroom or in a youth group 
  • Prepare and organize for the day of your visit 
  • Find resource connections to supplement learning 

Download the Employee-Led Activity Guide

Classroom Activity Types

Share My Career

Share My Career

Share first hand experience in your STEM field. Follow the discussion worksheet for conversation topics and various paths:

  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Career and Job Exploration
  • Engaging Students' Content Knowledge about Your Job
  • Closure and Summary Notes
Share Hands-On STEM Activities

Share Hands-On STEM Activities

Your experience with STEM can inspire the next workforce. Share what your interests were at their age, and how that translated into the career you have today. Students are going to be very interested and curious with having a special guest like you to learn from while they get hands-on with a great STEM lesson!

Career Exploration

Career Exploration

Watch the career profile video and share how your day-to-day work experience relates to the example shown. Reflect on the experiences that sparked interest when you were in school to lead you on the path you are on today.