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Leveraging the Private Sector to Support Students and Educators During COVID-19

The global COVID-19 pandemic illuminates the importance of STEM careers worldwide.

But for many minority students, the idea of a science, technology, engineering, or math-based career is intimidating and seemingly unachievable. Research by Pew Charitable Trusts finds that people of color remain largely underrepresented in the STEM workforce and, while women make up broadly 50% of that workforce, gender equality in STEM varies widely by the career. The lack of diversity in STEM compounds the impacts of young people’s access for such careers. Simply put, you have to see it to be it.

That’s why Discovery Education created the STEM Careers Coalition. Through the Coalition, Discovery Education and its private sector partners are tackling the diversity and opportunity gap in the STEM workforce pipeline. By leveraging the power of digital resources, organizations are investing in communities to close the access gap and change the education experience of millions of students. Together, Discovery Education and partners like Boeing, Microsoft, Chevron, API, and Manufacturing Institute are working together to show the students of today the careers and pathways of tomorrow.

The STEM Careers Coalition would like you to join in spotlighting the STEM careers on the front lines of our communities’ current needs. How? Show how your corporation, non-profit, or industry pivoted skills and materials to meet communities’ needs arising from COVID-19. Create a video or proposal that:

  • Shares how STEM careers meet COVID-19 response needs
  • Demonstrate the flexibility of STEM Skills
  • Inspire students through demonstrations of innovative thinking

These resources illustrate the dynamic nature of STEM skills and how they can adapt to evolving workplace needs. By doing so, the STEM Careers Coalition looks to inspire the future workforce – the students in the virtual classrooms today. From a socially distant living room, students and educators alike will have the opportunity to explore the wide world of STEM careers, and see, firsthand, how STEM fits into their futures.

About STEM Careers Coalition
A coalition of industry partners are joining forces with Discovery Education to impact the culture of STEM education in K – 12 schools nationwide. The all-new STEM Careers Coalition’s™ mission is to empower educators to teach STEM effectively in the classroom, foster equity and access to quality education, and build the next generation of solution-seekers.

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