Hispanic Leaders in STEM

The dynamic and diverse STEM workforce provides hispanic and underrepresented students with countless real-world examples of people who look like them solving problems and building success. Spotlight unique hispanic leaders in STEM and empower the next generation of changemakers.

Celebrating Hispanic Leaders in STEM

In Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Discovery Education STEM Careers Coalition (SCC) has released a curated collection to spotlight Hispanic professionals in STEM. Follow along as the SCC demonstrates how you can introduce your students to STEM with over 200 resources designed to uncover students' STEM skills to activate future solution seekers. Our exciting content includes resources ranging from hands-on student activations and lessons to the extensive database of career profiles and family activities.

Go On-the-Job with Hispanic Leaders in STEM

Show students the exciting opportunities available in STEM with Career Profiles highlighting hispanic professionals in leadership roles. These resources support student career investigation across a wide variety of industries.


Gaming Development Manager

Middle & High School | Grades: 6–12
Video Length
4:45 min

The Development Manager at a gaming company works to keep game development on track by providing both inspirational and practical leadership to team members. They unite diverse teams, support a healthy and productive workplace, and solve problems as they arise in the process. 


Drone Pilot

Elementary, Middle, and High School | Grades: K–12
Video Length
3:52 min

Drone Pilots are certified remote pilots responsible for safely operating a drone. They are capable of controlling the drone from takeoff to landing, for everything from emergency rescues to photography missions. 


Distributed Energy Resources Engineers

Elementary, Middle, & High School | Grades: K–12
Video Length
3:45 min

Distributed Energy Resources Engineers innovate better ways for utility companies to supply power to communities and generate power from those communities. They are mechanical engineers who specialize in the generation and distribution of energy, collaborating across industries to power communities. 


Investment & Maintenance Planner

Elementary, Middle, & High School | Grades: K–12
Video Length
3:30 min

Investment and Maintenance Planners use excellent organizational skills and attention-to-detail to oversee the planning of inspections, maintenance, and repairs of complex parts and machines in manufacturing. They create systems of maintenance that minimize disruption to operations. 


Water Quality Engineer

Elementary, Middle, & High School | Grades: K–12
Video Length
4:44 min

Water Quality Engineers use a specialized understanding of science and mathematics to address environmental problems related to water such as pollution, water treatment, and access. They study the ways industrial and residential water treatment and irrigation systems interact with natural processes. 

Caterpillar Foundation

Logistics Center Manager

Elementary, Middle, & High School | Grades: K–12
Video Length

Logistics Center Managers are expert communicators and collaborators who thoroughly understand the parts supply chain. They oversee all of the operations at Logistics Centers, where used mechanical parts are sent to be refurbished and remanufactured for additional use – sometimes up to 2-3 times.

Meet Hispanic Solution Seekers Innovating for All

Explore the pivotal contributions of hispanic STEM leaders on the front lines of innovation during a global challenge. These inspiring stories give students firsthand proof of the power STEM skills have to improve lives and communities.

COVID-19 Solutions Seeker | ASME

Supplier Quality Launch Leader

Grades K-12
Quality Control
Video Length
4:05 min

In light of widespread closures of manufacturing plants and parts suppliers due to the pandemic, Alex and his GM colleagues collaborated with an outside company to help produce ventilators, using their manufacturing skills for the greater good.

COVID-19 Solutions Seeker | Horizon Therapeutics

Clinical Nurse Educator

Grades K-12
Virtual Experiences
Video Length
3:48 min

With a job focused on educating, training, and supporting patients suffering from an extremely rare disease, Gerry found new working methods in a pandemic that embraced communication more than ever while maintaining social distancing.